Oxycodone 80 mg

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Oxycodone is used to treat moderate to severe pain. Oxycodone 80 mg is the largest dose of Oxycodone. The smallest dose is Oxycodone 5 mg. It is used to treat cancer pain or pain from surgery in patients. Do not decide the dose on your own.

Use this medicine in the exact way you are directed by your doctor. Interaction of this medicine with some other medicines can lead to some serious issues. Talk to your doctor if you are taking other medicines. Overdose of this medicine can kill. Do not consume alcohol while taking this medicine, which may lead to death.

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3 reviews for Oxycodone 80 mg

  1. Christina

    I am a cervical cancer patient. The pain I was experiencing was deadly. Seeing my condition my doctor prescribed Oxycodone 80 mg er medicine to be taken three times a day. I am free from the cancer pain now. This medicine acts well to manage pain.

  2. Sara

    My friend has been prescribed to take Oxycodone 80 mg tablet 2x a day. She has recently broken her thigh bone in an accident. This is a great painkiller according to her. Careskit is my regular website. I buy medicines for myself from this. Today I am here to buy medicines for my friend. And guess what I get? Oxycodone 80 mg for sale. Thank you!

  3. Dylan

    I am glad to see lots of positive comments here. I am buying from this site for the 1st time and the prices are really low here even less than the Oxycodone 80 mg street price. My dad is taking Oxycodone 80 mg tablets two times a day for his arthritis and chronic pain from surgeries. I have never seen him getting any side effects. He is tolerating the pain well for two years after the consumption of this medicine.

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