Which Green Tea Is Best For Weight Loss? Their Other Advantages

Among all the weight reduction ingredients, green tea is a powerful thing. It actually works a lot in reducing weight if followed by a good diet and exercise. There are many green tea options available in the market. Nowadays there are various ranges of flavors of green tea. It is not easy to just pick any of them for use. So, we will discuss the solution here. We will find the answer to which green tea is best for weight loss.

Before choosing the best green tea let us discuss its function. We will also discuss the finest way to take it.

How Does Green Tea Help To Loose Weight?

Green tea is definitely an effective ingredient to lose weight. It is packed with various plant compounds that help a lot. It has two main compounds that help in fat reduction. Those two are caffeine and catechin.

Though coffee has a lot more caffeine than green tea, green tea is more effective. Caffeine is a very popular stimulant that helps in burning fat from the body. It also increases the energy level to some extent. Green tea is a powerhouse of potent antioxidants called catechins. So it increases the number of antioxidants in the bloodstream. Also, the most important bioactive substance epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is present here. All these ingredients help to boost metabolism which has a great impact on losing weight.

Best Green Tea For Weight Loss

No doubt, the unflavoured plain green tea is helpful in weight loss. But the taste is a little bitter. Also, it works best with other active helpful ingredients. So some of the best mixed up Green teas for weight loss are as follows;

Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi is well-known for its natural immunity-boosting qualities. Green tea mixed up with Tulsi helps a lot more things along with fat reduction. It helps to reduce stress, boost stamina, and enhance respiratory functions. The aroma and taste of it relax the mood.

Lemon Green Tea

As we all know Lemon is a source of Vitamin C. And Vitamin C is the most necessary thing for immune building. So Lemon green tea naturally boosts immunity and promotes weight loss. It also keeps the hair and skin healthy. This drink participates in keeping the body and mind active

Honey Lemon Green Tea

Honey is always been a focused ingredient in losing weight and the power of lemon is well-known. So Honey lemon green tea helps to burn fats rapidly. It prevents heart diseases and reduces stress and tension. This treats cough and cold. It also helps in rejuvenating the mind and the body.

Chamomile Green Tea

Chamomile is a magical invention in the world of health. It has lots of benefits. Consuming Chamomile green tea prevents insomnia, and nurtures mental health along with weight reduction. It also boosts immunity and treats gastrointestinal tract issues. This has a great role in reducing period pain in girls.

Lemongrass Green Tea

Lemongrass is a lot helpful in treating many health conditions. It helps to reduce fat. Lemongrass green tea uplifts mood, treats infections and cures bloating. It also lowers cholesterol and helps in menstrual blood flow.

Rose Green Tea

Rose is not only beautiful but also a lot helpful. This tea helps to lose fat and to control other issues also. This is great at improving menstrual health. It helps in relieving constipation. This tea helps with anxiety and depression. Also, it cures inflammation and enhances hair growth.

Spiced Green Tea

Spices are great at enhancing the taste of food. But it has lots of health benefits also. Spiced green tea is good at a fat reduction with healthy heart promotion. It promotes skin and hair growth. Also, this tea helps at fighting infection.

Drinking Green Tea For Weight Loss

The sufficient amount of green tea for weight loss is 300 gm per day. Drinking 2 to 3 cups of hot green tea daily will be helpful in losing weight. Since the main aim is to reduce fat, the most important thing is to not add sugar. But if you can not consume it bland then you can add honey or any natural sweetened substance.
The amount of its consumption will vary from person to person. This depends upon their caffeine consumption and natural metabolism.

When To Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss?

Consuming green tea right after a meal gives the best result for weight loss. But people having sensitive stomachs can get hurt by this habit. Because green tea is alkaline in nature. Also, having a cup of green tea before a workout session helps o burn fat fast. The best time to drink green tea is early in the morning or late evening.

Other Beneficial Substituents

There are many things that can help in reducing weight effectively. Many treatments and surgeries are also helpful.
Some home remedies are great at weight reduction. Those are lemon and hot water, hot ginger water, hot water honey, etc.
Medicines like Lunesta, Slimall, and Reductil are also prescribed treatments to reduce weight. Some surgeries namely gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and adjustable gastric banding also treat weight issues.


Does Green Tea Reduce Belly Fat?

Drinking green tea does not help to reduce belly fat directly. It helps in increasing metabolism and decreases calorie intake amount. These things help in reducing belly fat ultimately.

Who Should Not Drink Green Tea?

Green tea is very beneficial but it has some side effects also. People having heart conditions, kidney disorders, psychological problems, and stomach ulcers should not drink it. Pregnant women, breastfeeding ladies, and children below 2 years old are not allowed to drink it.

Is Green Tea Better Hot Or Cold For Weight Loss?

Hot tea may make you feel more awakened which will help you to work out better. But there is no such difference between cold green tea and hot green tea. Some study suggests that cold green tea is more diluted in water. This may affect the weight loss mechanism.

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