Gabapentin 600 mg

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Gabapentin 600 mg is used to treat epilepsy and seizures. This medicine is given to children of age 3 years or older. This is used with other medicines.

The following information includes the doses of this medicine.

  • Gabapentin 100 mg: It has a white color in a capsule shape. It has mentioned 100 mg IG 321on the tablet.
  • Gabapentin 300 mg: This strength has half of the yellow color in a round shape. It has mentioned 300 mg IG 322 on the tablet.
  • Gabapentin 400 mg: Gabapentin this dose comes in 400 mg form with a capsule shape with brown color. It marks on the medicine as SG 181.
  • Gabapentin 600 mg:  It has white with Oval Shape and debossed as D 24 on one side. Another side has plain.
  • Gabapentin 800 mg: This medication has white with Oval Shape & Mark as OE on one side and another side 800.
  • Gabapentin 1600 mg: It is oval-shaped and debossed OE on one side and plain on the other.

It can have some adverse side effects if consumed together with certain kinds of drugs. So talk to your doctor if you are taking other medicines. Do not drink alcohol with this medicine, this mix-up can lead to death. Go to your doctor if you feel uneasy after taking this medicine.


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