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Suboxone is an opioid medicine, used to block the effects of opioid medication, including pain relief. In short, it is used to treat those who are dependent upon opioid drugs, like morphine and heroin. It comes in oral form.

Suboxone is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone drugs. It has been found in the studies that Suboxone is fruitful in reducing substance misuse. You Can buy Suboxone to use to test narcotic addiction. It is not used in place of pain relief medication.

Suboxone is available in two different doses. Those are Suboxone 2 mg and Suboxone 8 mg.

How To Use Suboxone?

While taking it, follow the prescription given by your doctor. Do as the directions are provided on the prescription label. With time and requirement, your doctor may direct you to change the dose and time of the medication. Don’t take in larger or smaller amounts than recommended. drink water to wet your mouth before taking the file. This helps in dissolving the file easily. Inside your one cheek keep one file and the other on the opposite side in case your doctor has told you to have two. If your doctor tells you to take three files, then have the third one after the first two dissolves. Do not swallow or chew the file because it will not work well. Clean your mouth with water after the tablet dissolves. Make sure to brush your teeth almost after one hour of dissolving to prevent teeth and gum damage. Also, a regular dental check-up is mandatory. It is not advised to share the medicine with other people.

Before Taking This Medicine-

Inform your doctor if you are allergic to buprenorphine or naloxone. Tell the doctor about your prescribed or non-prescribed medicines, vitamins, herbal products, and supplements that you are taking.

Tell your doctor before taking the medicine if you have ever had-

  • Breathing problem
  • Kidney or liver disease
  • Problems with your  adrenal gland or thyroid
  • Drug addiction.
  • Brain tumor
  • Head injury

If you are pregnant and still taking the medication, there are chances your baby could start depending on the drug. This can cause serious symptoms in the baby after birth. So remember to inform your doctor if you are pregnant or are breastfeeding or planning to have a baby.

Do not drink alcohol; it may cause death.

Side Effects Of Suboxone-

Suboxone may cause severe side effects including:

  • Dark urine
  • Breathing that stops during sleep
  • Extreme weakness
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of appetite
  • Upper stomach pain
  • Feeling hot or cold
  • Goosebumps
  • Clay-colored stools
  • Muscle pain

Consult your doctor, if you are facing any one of the above side effects, after taking the Suboxone.

Drug interaction- It is safe to have suboxone by doctor’s prescription but it may cause side effects if we use it with other medicines such as

If we use it improperly it may cause death.

Medications that may increase suboxone effects are-

  • Some antidepressants ,like  Nardil (phenelzine)
  • Some antibiotics, including Ery-Tab (erythromycin)
  • Antifungals, such as  Nizoral (ketoconazole) , Diflucan (fluconazole) and Sporanox (itraconazole)
  • ​HIV medications

Medications that may decrease suboxone effects are-

  • Rifadin (rifampin)
  • Some seizure medications
  • Also make sure to tell your doctor, that if you also use-
  • Cold or allergy medicines
  • Bronchodilator asthma
  • Opioid pain medicine
  • Cough medicine
  • Sleeping pills
  • Mood disorder medicines
  • Antibiotics
  • Heart medicines
  • Medicine to treat HIV

Not all possible drugs have been mentioned here. Some other drug interactions may happen.

How To Store Suboxone?

Keep the Suboxone file at room temperature between 20degree c – 25 degrees c. Make sure to keep it far away from heat, moisture, and children. Store it safely in its container. Keep it in a safe place so that no one else can use it.

In Case Of Suboxone Overdose-

In case of overdose call the poison control helpline at 1-800-222-122.Sometimes one dissolves several files at a time to get high. Do remember this can cause severe side effects or death. Never use the file more or less without the doctor’s permission. Call the doctor immediately if you see any of the symptoms( overdose side effects) given below-

  • Extreme drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion and dizziness
  • Pinprick pupils
  • Slurred speech
  • Blue-tinged lips and fingernails
  • lack of coordination

There could be other symptoms that may not have been mentioned here, call your doctor to confirm immediately.

Alternatives of Suboxone-

  • Sublingual (Bunavail, Zubsolv)
  • Nasal spray (Narcan, Kloxxado)
  • IM injection (Buprenex)
  • IM injection (Sublocade),
  • Sublingual (Subutex)
  • Tablets (Lucemyra)

Precaution And Warning-

People who have a history of drug addiction or abuse should not be freely using this medication. Medicine should be kept away from other adults and children. Do not sell or give away Suboxone as it is against the law. Suboxone can stop your breathing and may become habit-forming, especially in someone who using this medicine without a doctor’s prescription. Misuse of this medicine may cause death, addiction, or overdose.

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long does the medication of Suboxone stay in the system?

Normally, it lasts for 24 hours in the body. After 5-8 days no trace of suboxone would be expected to be found in a healthy patient, the patient with a severe liver problem may extend to 7-14 days.

Before taking Suboxone, how long should one wait?

The person has to wait 12-24 hours typically, after last using opioids before anybody starts taking Suboxone as medical care for opioid usage disorder. There is no exact length of time but it depends on the type and amount of opioid used.

How long can the withdrawal of Suboxone last?

Suboxone withdrawal symptoms last for approximately one month. It may differ depending upon the alcohol use, duration of Suboxone use, the dosage, and the presence of other medical conditions which may include mental health disorders and more. Symptoms like vomiting, headaches, and nausea typically start 24 hours after the last dose and last for approximately 10 days. The symptoms are worse in the first 72 hours